I feel like totalllll fucking shit. this cold can go to hell.

i dont feel like living at all any fucking more.

taking the mk4 to zane today. hopefully he can figure out why this beetch aint workin and fix it before h2oi or no h2oi. πŸ˜­πŸ˜”πŸ˜ 

you think a few pieces of paper and a person i dont know nor fucking care about is guna keep me from my child. the child I birthed MYSELF?! fuck you. im NOT the shitty as parent in this. you werent even there when my child was born and now you think you can treat me like shit now that someone else said it was okay? go fuck yourself. i dont have to do anything that doesnt please you or them. so let me know then when my child starts restenting you. cause itll fucking happen then you be alone with your pig self and your nasty as whale of a girlfriend. least this one is finally fucking legal. fucking doushe.

i cant handle the abuse you constantly keep throwing at me. fuck you and stop being and ignorant fuck face. IM the only fucking reason you have a child. start treating me with respect or you can go fuck yourself.


petition for jennifer lawrence and emma stone to co-star in a movie as lesbian zombie huntersΒ 

I'll give you cuddles and licks and some other things but too bad you're just a flirt on here and not in person πŸ˜‰πŸ˜’

im a very sassy and sarcastic in person. lol. many times my niceness and smiles are taken too far by some people.

Still on snapchat? U haven't read my snap from days ago lol

i wont have it til i fix my screen or get a new phone. lol.

boyfriend doesnt cuddle and give me the attention i want.. he’s now on the couch. 😠